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Diplomats and Officials

Visa is not required for holders of Kuwaiti Diplomatic and Special Passports to visit India for a maximum period of sixty (60) days

Visa is required for holders of Kuwaiti Diplomatic and Special Passports who is assigned to join Kuwaiti Embassy in New Delhi/Consulate in Mumbai or as representative in an International organization including their family members.

Documents required to be submitted alongwith visa application :

  1. i. Original Passport (valid for a minimum period of six months at the time of issuance of visa )
  2. ii. Two recent Passport size photographs with white background.
  3. iii. Visa Application Form, duly completed.
  4. iv. Note Verbale from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs in case of Kuwaiti nationals. Note Verbale from the Embassy or Organisation concerned in case of their diplomats/officials indicating the purpose of the visit

(Submission of Official/Diplomatic Passport applications at the Embassy between 9.00AM and 12.00PM from Sunday to Thursday)

Fee: Gratis

Apply Online at www.indianvisaonline.gov.in